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Jul. 28th, 2009


"They might as well have their Dicks in their Hands"

A very well put comment by a well thought out writer on "the Birthers." I read her comment and couldn't not share it.

She's keeping the truth in perspective as these fuckers try everything to distract us from their petty, bigoted, racist, sexist, power hungry, self interests...

Purple Girl says:

"So all the psycho Right has is that Obama may have not been born here? Thats it? Proof that he is UnAmerican?

How 'bout the Left Recount the numerous acts of Abuse of Power, UnConstitutionality and War Crimes on Cheney's Rap sheet, with new addendums coming nearly every week now?

We have concrete evidence of usurping the Presidency, The process of Democracy, The Free Market, "We the People".....And their panties are in a twist over one piece of paper?

As in own system for Law and Order, we judge a man's patriotism by his actions, not unsubstantiated conjecture. Cheney does not only need to be tried for his most recent Crimes, but the crimes leading up to these most egregious acts of Treason,War Crimes and crimes against Humanity. Cheney Corp has used the Power and Priviledges of the US for their own purposes since Nixon's admin. Nixon spied, wiretapped, kept secret files, ignored and lied to the American People...W's admin was nothing more than puting the finishing touches on what was already a 'Fait Accompli'.Perhaps merely 'tying up some loose ends', possible Evidence of past High Crimes? (Iran Contra, Saddams' Anthrax,The '80s Insurgents in Afghanistan ?)

In the face of the Growing body of Evidence of high crimes committed against the State by Cheneycorp, the 'Birthers' come to the American Public with concerns over a piece of fucking paper? They might as well have their Dicks in their Hands. We have Far more obvious and egregious cases of Domestic and international high crimes than that irrelevant insinuation.

A Birth Certifcate only signifies that the child 'passed the test' of gestation and the Birthing Process- it does not guarantee Allegience nor foretell level of Committement. CheneyCorp, and it's legions of minions over the last few decades, have clearly destroyed this country. Our economy has finally hit rock bottom, Our Miltiary Readiness is seriously jeporadized, We're in Debt up to our necks and nearly all of our Rights as Citizens have been violated,... Not to mention Our names 'Shit' Now amongsts our Global neighbors (our creditability is gone and our intentions,from Now on, will always be suspect).Heckova Job DICK, if your goal was to bring down the US!

This is a Question of Legitmacy. The Neo Cons are trying to distract away from the fact that their intentions have been nafarious and their actions highly Illegal (domestically & Internationally). W's admin was Illegitmate from the Start and continued to work outside the confines of the perimeters laid down by Our Founders and Precedent.

Benedict Arnold was born here. Had that Natural Born Son had his way we would have lost the Revolution. and isn't that what Cheney Corp has really accomplished. Instead of Family Crests, our economy, our soveriengty and our existence is now determined by Logos.The upper 5% live off the backs of the other 95%.The System of Checks and Balances considered obsolete. Our 'Beacon Of Light'has been extinguished.

Seems an Old Feud is still brewing in this country, Between those who hated every aspect of 'Merry Ol' England' and those who envied it.

So instead of dragging our yet another copy of Obama's Birth cert, The Sane should be handing these Birthers Volume 1 of Cheney's Rap Sheet instead.

Let's Talk about who is a Legitmately Elected Presidents and Who WAS NEVER. W's election in '00 to President is doubtful, but Cheney's was not. Cheney confessed he only kept W "Basically Informed" when it came to the Wars and went so far as to proclaim his Coupe over Democracy with "So".Cheney Seized Dictatorship powers, which is illegal, and a Act of Treason, whether you have a US birth certificate or not. "

Jul. 25th, 2009


Dear Motorcycle Drivers...

Dear Motorcycle Drivers,

GREAT NEWS!!! I'm planning on buying a Harley!!!

Soon I can be just like you and I can't wait!!!

Please promptly forward to me your home address so that I can tear full throttle through your neighborhood at all hours of the day and night too!

I'm really looking forward to hearing back from you!


Jun. 16th, 2009


fyi, link: The Rise and Understanding of the Eliminationist Mindset

JH: In the book you tie -- you detail wonderfully -- a lot of examples of eliminationist rhetoric coming from sources that are considered credible by many. Limbaugh and Coulter are certainly examples of that. And we have seen time and time again, how incredibly overheated it becomes and can lead to a spike in hate crimes. When you call out the right on this, their answer is that they can't be held accountable for people who are unhinged, who have ... whatever, mental disorders.

DN: Yeah.

JH: I just wonder how you respond to that defense.

DN: Well, in a real simple way I would say that it's just nonsense. There is a very clear causal connection between hateful rhetoric that thoroughly demonizes other people to a point that they are objects fit for elimination, and the violent action that follows. As I explain the book with example after example -- historical examples.

Eliminationist rhetoric has the effect of creating permission for people to act. We can't turn away from that. We can't simply say, "well, the only person responsible for [Kansas abortion provider] George Tiller's death was [alleged gunman] Scott Roeder." I'm sorry, Scott Roeder got a lot of his ideas -- got a lot of his hate -- from listening to people like Bill O'Reilly. Yes, he was clearly a radical. He was a Freeman and was also associated with the Army of God. But you have to understand that people like that actually see people like Limbaugh and O'Reilly as liberals.

And compared to themselves they are relatively liberal. So when a guy like O'Reilly broadcasts their beliefs and says what they are thinking is right, it not only validates them, not only validates their beliefs, but it also spurs them to action, because their thinking is that if even the liberal media is saying it, it's even worse than we thought. That is a spark to action.


Jun. 12th, 2009


a rant & fyi: Tourists in the City - part 2

Tourists -

In the last two-years I've been thinking about putting together a "simple guide" for tourist etiquette - something you could print onto a single page and pass out to ... well, tourists. I think I just might begin. Why? Well because there are a lot of fuckers out there, and they come in all sizes, nationalities and shapes, who think that where ever they go, their front lawn and shitty couch goes with them. Well I am here to say no, your shitty couch and your freshly mowed front lawn do not, in fact come with you while you tour new places.

Let's Begin:

To the bad tourists out there - Look. Think. Listen.

Think About It.
Do you act like an ass and make tons of noise out in your front yard at 1:30 in the morning?

If you do, you suck at life in general. Think about it. If you're like the rest of us, the considerate people who understand that being an unreasonable dick makes everyone's life miserable then this one is for you...

Tourist Etiquette #2
Don't sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of a neighborhood - be it city high rises, condos, row houses, or even in your own hood. Just because you're in a place foreign to you, doesn't mean you can get drunk and wasted and croon to your hearts content at 1:30 in the morning. We can still hear you, you sound like a tool, and you're showing everyone how you can't handle your liquor. I feel sorry for your babysitter and the neighbors. Learn to hold your liquor or pick a new hobby.

Tourist Etiquette #3
Also, when you're walking around town waiting for the concert hall to open it's doors please note that your music fashion and your macho persona are not "mysterious." We live in an orgy of people who want to "stand out" daily. We are not impressed, nor do we fear you, tough guy. You just look like the stupid conformist that you probably are.
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May. 19th, 2009


a rant & fyi: Tourists in the City - part 1

Tourists -

In the last two-years I've been thinking about putting together a "simple guide" for tourist etiquette - something you could print onto a single page and pass out to ... well, tourists. I think I just might begin. Why? Well because there are a lot of fuckers out there, and they come in all sizes, nationalities and shapes, who think that where ever they go, their front lawn and shitty couch goes with them. Well I am here to say no, your shitty couch and your freshly mowed front lawn do not, in fact come with you while you tour new places.

Let's Begin:

To the bad tourists out there - Look. Think. Listen.

Just Like You:
People in the city have life schedules just like you do, in your own towns. The only difference is city people don't come to your towns by the thousands and expect you to accept them whole heartedly. (Unless you're in upstate New York, and I feel for those people. New Yorkers make my skin crawl too.)

For city people, it's hard enough to live in a population of 8-Million plus! All while battling normal heavy traffic, the multitudes of rush hours throughout the day, crunch times, train schedules, work schedules, social schedules, etc ... and still have enough time or energy to enjoy our own home and city.

You think your rotten work schedule and life sucks?

Try adding 5,000 thoughtless meandering tourists to your front yard, tripping you up, cutting you off, blocking your passage, standing in the way stupidly, with their dumb mouths gaping open, and so on. Add that to your daily irritations and then perhaps you'll begin to understand what I mean by "tourist etiquette."

For now I am limiting this rant. Closing it out with a rule. Something all tourists must try, ever so hard, to follow.

Tourist Etiquette #1: Please remember - Don't stop in the middle of the street or in the middle of sidewalk to look up without actually considering who is driving, riding, or walking behind or around you. If you see something that's changed your life, and just have to get a picture of it, or whatever - look around you first, and then step to the side to admire wtf it is you want to see.
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Apr. 13th, 2009


opine - Obama Reaches Out to... Cuba?

"Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall!"
Is America really going to follow in the foot steps of Pink Floyd?!

Are we reaching out? To the outside world?!
If it's actually true ...

  • Are our politicians really reconciling their addiction of gains over fair negotiation?

  • Most importantly, are the people in this country ready to cut their doping habits with pure, sexy ignorance?

  • Could this really be the end to our love affair with hypocritical foreign policy?

  • I'll be honest about my own issue with this current administration - If it wasn't for the over-consideration Obama's Administration is graciously handing out to the Masters of our Financial Demise,” I too would feel all tingly - warmly wrapped in our patriotic flag too.

    But I am enjoying Obama's genius social tactic to slowly pry the lid off the long and stale Cuban embargo. He is showing us a reflection of ourselves in the mirror of Multiracialism.

    Multi-whose-it- what?
    OK - breaking it down.
    1. Obama is making a point. (A great point.)

    2. Obama appears to be uniting us... instead of dividing us. As a child of the Desperate Conservatives Era (D.C.E. 1980 +) - I've never seen any politician do this.

    He is saying, look this ancient Cuban barrier is pretty fucking stupid. WTF people?
    We are a country of many differences. Some of your neighbors, your children's classmates, your co-workers, your own friends, are the very Cuban Americans who suffer from this stupid embargo.

    How can we ignore countries we are from?
    How can we reject our roots?

    Obama is saying, let us stop behaving in a way, that we are not. We're not a country of one single race; therefore we can no longer hide from the reach of our multiple identities/heritages.

    It’s quite the social AND political tactic. And I am impressed.

    I mean, come on, even Pink Floyd new this.
    “Together we stand, divided we fall…”

    [Obama to allow travel, money transfers to Cuba

AP White House Correspondent

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama directed his administration Monday to allow unlimited travel and money transfers by Cuban Americans to family in Cuba, and to take other steps to ease U.S. restrictions on the island, a senior administration official told The Associated Press. …

    Apr. 7th, 2009


    pol'tiks & ec'nomiks: Up the Creek ...

    I could have lit a match and set the Chicago River on fire this past Sunday. Well, not the whole river by the 1800’s standards but it definitely would have affected the Cities Riverwalk construction site, the Veteran’s Memorial, and the fine vessels at Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales, and any M City boat owners.

    Whatever do you mean?

    One of the contracted barges for the Wabash section of the City Riverwalk project, looked like it had sprung a leak.

    To bring Chicago’s fine neighbors up to speed on this project, pretty much a decade back, (when I was like eight,) the City of Chicago decided on connecting land segments that run along the main branch of the Chicago River - a vision of one continuous riverside sidewalk. Today the walkway is still limited by concrete staircases, drawbridges, and busy intersections.

    This plan of the 90s started off with meetings, I’m sure, and a couple ad campaigns. Then it progressed into the Millennium as a number of engineering and urban blue prints, to a bunch of various land surveys and tests, and to what it is now, contracted sites of construction.

    Today’s production will be tomorrow’s connected walkway decorated with concessions, amenities, and all the pretty little things from our gumdrop filled sweet dreams. Oh goody, just like Navy Pier and Millennium Park! Average Chicagoans and thousands of tourists, heel to toe, shoulder to shoulder in harmony!

    Yes, yes I’m being melodramatic. It is a good idea and there’s nothing wrong with beautifying a city, etc … home and property values will … oh wait.

    Well, with explanations aside now I can move on to the point – pictures of the leak, contracts and other records, oh my!

    Why? Well if you’re a Chicagoan, you probably aren’t asking and just want to see for yourself…

    Now let me add my own disclaimer - I’m not making any accusations, pointing fingers, etc … I saw spillage in the river on a work-less Sunday, reported it to 311 and well, out of my insatiable curiosity for Chicago politics, had to dig into the city contracts and campaign funds. The rest is up to you, the reader, the Chicagoan, the river resident, the city visitor, ahem, the I.O.C, to decide for themselves.

    After I called 311 the forces arrived. Oh and before some smart-ass comments about calling and dispatching emergency equipment, I called to *tell* them about it. I had no clue they’d dispatch everyone, especially since there wasn’t much they could do about the leak other than make note of it. Regardless, please be considerate and also think about what week this is before making a “Captain Obvious” statement. Thanks.

    Ok, you're right, it's no 'Love Canal' but it is gross, it is pollution and it was completely pooling into the marina below. I'm no boat owner but if I were, I wouldn't be happy to have fuel film all over my hull. Plus taxes go toward water cleaning do they not? But hey, if you're the kind of guy who loves paying taxes and loves sitting at the red light behind "spewing blue smoke car guy," then say no more and come pay my taxes and take a swim in our river! Read The Fine Print: Although I don't condone it.

    And for your "enjoyment," further documentation is below...

    A Section of the City of Chicago Code of Ethics

    2-164-040. Limitation of Contributing to Candidates and Elected
    (a) No person who has done business with the City, or with the Chicago
    Transit Authority, Board of Education, including the Chicago School
    Reform Board of Trustees, Chicago Park District, Chicago City Colleges,
    or Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority within the preceding four
    reporting years or is seeking to do business with the City, or with any of the
    other aforementioned entities and no lobbyist registered with the board of
    ethics shall make contributions in an aggregate amount exceeding
    $1,500.00 (i) to any candidate for City office during a single candidacy; or
    (ii) to an elected official of the government of the City during any reporting
    year of his term; or (iii) to any official or employee of the City who is
    seeking election to any other office. For purposes of this section, (i)
    candidacy in primary and general elections shall be considered separate and
    distinct candidacies; and (ii) all contributions to a candidate's authorized
    political committees shall be considered contributions to the candidate.
    The combined effect of these provisions is intended to permit total
    contribution up to but not exceeding $3,000.00 in a reporting year in which
    a candidacy occurs. A reporting year is from July 1st to June 30th. The
    first filing date will be July 30, 1988 and annually thereafter. For purposes
    of this subsection only "seeking to do business" means (i) the definition set
    forth in Section 2-156-010(x); and (ii) any matter that was pending before
    the City Council or any City Council committee in the 6 months prior to
    the date of the contribution if that matter involved the award of loan funds,
    grant funds or bond proceeds, bond inducement ordinances, leases, land
    sales, zoning matters, the creation of tax increment financing districts,
    concession agreements or the establishment of a Class 6(b) Cook County
    property tax classification.

    Documented Contribution

    Rausch Construction Co. Inc.
    POB 2146
    Oak Park, IL 60303

    Individual Contribution
    Friends for Avila

    Rausch Construction Co. Inc.
    POB 2146
    Oak Park, IL 60303

    Individual Contribution
    Friends for Avila


    Chicago, IL 60607

    Individual Contribution
    Friends of Bob Fioretti

    Chicago, IL 60607

    Individual Contribution
    Citizens for Fred Crespo

    Chicago, IL 60607

    Individual Contribution
    Friends of Edward M Burke

    CHICAGO, IL 60607

    Individual Contribution
    Bradley A Stephens Committeeman Fund

    CHICAGO, IL 60607

    Individual Contribution
    Bradley A Stephens Committeeman Fund

    Some of you might find these cute…

    Walsh, Daniel
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Occupation: President
    Employer: Walsh Construction

    Individual Contribution
    Stroger for President

    Walsh, Daniel & Patricia
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Occupation: Owner
    Employer: Walsh Construction

    Individual Contribution
    Friends of Blagojevich

    And the preceding contracts

    Contract 1 of 27 (that I’ve counted)
    spec # 66234

    Contract 2 of 27 (that I’ve counted)
    spec # 63801

    Lastly -

    I spent some time looking further into the Sub-Contractors under these Contractors as well as everyone’s licenses. Some I found in Chicago’s license database, some in the State of Illinois’ Professional License Database. And some I couldn’t find at all.

    I could and just might look further into contracts, licensing, associations and projects... I could.

    Mar. 23rd, 2009


    link, fyi, pics: Bragging Rights - Fer' iLLz'

    Oh boy have I got a treat for all of you chrisp fans!!! Besides the fact that I'm starting to feel like his PR Agent, Mr. P has been an especially busy, busy man in the last few months; what with his around-the-clock career, his business degree - which he is on his FINAL SEMESTER, and his trè successful photo business.

    Because I haven't had much time to post every time this kid gets his credits, I've saved up for one wonderful post. Voila! Chris has not only become a photographer of choice at Forbes Online, he's also had his work appear on various online holiday/vacation publications; but the Crème de la Crème of all his recent effort is his first publishing within the pages of a book authored by one of the world's best how-to writers. A New York Times columnist who certainly has a great eye ...

    David Pogue's - Digital Photography - The Missing Manual

    New Forbes to boot!!!

    Und auch, die Deutchen Internets Liebst Chrisp <3

    Hancock Observatory Tour Site - Image #5 baby!

    And then there's 'How Stuff Works' - I am not shocked to learn this about Singapore...

    FIN... for now
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    Mar. 14th, 2009


    fyi - Playing God

    For the most part I take it upon myself to remain quite about stories like OctoMom since there are so many strong beliefs/raw human emotions invested in such topics.

    And being that I am anti-religious and struggle, daily, with a total misanthropic view set V. overt humanitarianism - I too have a strong opinion however, it's not important to this post. Let me just say I find the topic of "Playing God," interesting, to say the least.

    I don't like to comment on this shit but after reading a few weekly science related newsletters which reviewed this topic with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, it made me think, what the hell? And per chance, you might be interested too:

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine Comments on California Octuplets

  • "the California Medical Board has announced they will be investigating..."

  • Laws on ART Outcomes
    Studies Show Professional Guidelines Are Best
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    Mar. 1st, 2009


    random, pics - Alltime Favorite Fake Albums

    After the onslaught of fellow Facebook users urging me to waste my time filling out that bullshit "25 Things..." chain email, I've finally found a silly thing that I can comfortably agree to waste my time on. That being the fake album assignment!

    My fellow ladies and gents - I present to you, my favorite fake albums -

    AND! If you're not aware of this new online adventure, here are the instructions to make more sense of it...

    1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit "random"
    or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
    The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

    2 - Go to "Random quotations"
    or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
    The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

    3 - Go to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"
    or click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
    Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

    4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

    5 - Post it to FB with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

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